Kung Fu Puppies

As seen in Westbury Times

Written by Chris Boyle

Got a pooch that won’t sit still, climbs the furniture, or jumps on the neighbors? A dog imbued with limitless energy that has you at your wits’ end? Perhaps it’s time you school your out-of-control canine with the discipline and control of the “Martial Arfs.”

Martial Arfs, a new dog training facility in Carle Place is set to prove the old adage that “a good dog is a tired dog.” Run by Jeris Pugh, Martial Arfs takes a novel idea to working with our four-legged friends that has proven to be very successful; combining unorthodox exercises and equipment with the principles of the Asian fighting arts. Continue reading Kung Fu Puppies


Final Thoughts Before ICSC NY is Upon US

That final flurry of preparation is upon us. Whether we’re ready or not, the season is upon us, with all of its accompanying pressures and responsibilities. That’s right, it’s ICSC season!

Of course I kid. As I’ve expressed again and again, ICSC is a great (and, ultimately, rewarding) time for all of us in the commercial real estate industry. The key is to disregard the overwhelming “B.S. Factor” (ie, all the deals everyone is doing) and focus on the real (and realistic) goals of the show:

  1. See Your Old Friends and contacts (and Make New Ones): The bottom line is that shows like these put a lot of people in the same room, many of whom have common — and mutually beneficial — interests and goals. Find these people. Even if you can’t do deals with them, maybe you can help them find someone to deals with or vice versa.  Give to get.
  2. Get the Word Out: We have properties for lease and tenants looking for space.  We are expanding our management business and capabilities.  We have money to burn on new deals (just not 4 caps).
  3. The Candy With a Twist: They say it takes about 15 hours to make Twizzlers strawberry candy. Well, if you visit me at booth #126 in Rhinelander Gallery, it only takes about 15 seconds to get your hands on some. They’re good.  Also, don’t forget the Pliskin Realty bags.

Have a great show everyone! Please stop by and say hello.

Thinking Out Loud: What to See (and What to Be Seen In) at ICSC NY

After 20+ years of attending ICSC shows in New York (and the not-quite-as-beloved-by-me-but-still-pretty-great Vegas edition), I get a lot of people asking me about the show experience. You know, the usual questions:  what to wear, who to see,  what to eat, and what little goodies are available at the booths.  For this second edition of Thinking Out Loud, I thought I’d share some random thoughts for you first-time attendees. Continue reading Thinking Out Loud: What to See (and What to Be Seen In) at ICSC NY